Russian strikes Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv


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Ukraine has plunged into darkness after the latest round of Russian aggression sent 76 missiles and drone attacks hurtling power facilities in Kharkiv. A shocking nine energy stations have been rendered powerless, leaving citizens across Ukraine’s second-largest city to fend entirely for themselves.

Kharkiv’s mayor recently deemed the destruction caused by a barrage as “colossal,” leaving the city in utter devastation.

In what’s become a recurrent nightmare, Yuriy Sak of the Defence Ministry warns that Russia’s repeated aggression has made restoring electricity an increasingly daunting task. Emergency services are scrambling to repair the damage, but it remains an uphill battle.

Ukrainian energy workers faced a shocking reality when three of their peers were injured amidst missile strikes. The aftermath was equally alarming, leaving the northern city of Sumy without power and other central cities such as Poltava and Kremenchuk in the dark due to the disruption caused by Russia’s aggression.

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