Top 3 Skills To Learn For Your Future


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The World Economic Forum (WEF) Future of Jobs Report 2018 shows that 54% of employees and workers will need a continued education or upgrading of skills to help them meet the demands of the 4th revolution.

According to Anton Checkov, “Wisdom…. comes not from age, but from education and learning.”

We all know that wisdom is a big factor in a person’s success. So, with this in mind and with the vast available skills available to learn, we should know what to prioritize to learn and have, 

Here are the top three skills to learn for your future.


Coding is considered one of the many billion-dollar skills to learn.  It is one of the most highly demanded skills in the 21st century. Coding is knowing how to write programs that almost everyone is using on a day to day basis. Computers dominate our day-to-day life and they will continue in the future and coding is creating the language to communicate with them. Having a decent command of coding skills will make you prepared for the future. It is actually a skill that can help you as technology shapes innovation and builds opportunities. 


One bonus thing why coding is very valuable is that it contributes additional benefits in the following fields:

  • Creativity and design
  • Problem solving.
  • Mathematics
  • Writing
  • Communication
Codes and coding skills

Artificial intelligence

You might unknowingly already encountered artificial intelligence (AI) and might have not known it. Expect to continue facing it in the future. 

Hyperautomation and business intelligence software are one of the most enhanced process automation by artificial intelligence. It is always among some of the top business technology trending lists. Technologies like this are being utilized almost across all digitally transformed companies. Digitally transformed companies account for about 70% of businesses in the world.

Because of this trend and improvement in this business technologies, there is a rising demand for employees with artificial intelligence experience across almost all industries.

Learning how artificial intelligence is developed is the first step in understanding it. Learning and developing artificial intelligence technology can’t be done overnight. 

AI Artificial intelligence

Some artificial skills you need to have to excel in AI:

  • Python, R, Java, and any other necessary Programming languages
  • Linear algebra and statistics 
  • Signal processing techniques

Digital Marketing

Consider the following in the digital world:

  • Our increased dependence on computers 
  • Growing online presence for both business and personal
  • The increased presence of new innovations in all digital platforms.

With the following things in mind, it is a no-brainer that one of the viable career options for us would be digital marketing. 

Digital marketing

Branding is one of the big anchors for marketing. It is used to rope in consumers and establish a strong footing in whatever industry they are in. 

Digital marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and online marketing are on the rise because of branding or the other way around. Everywhere you go, you can see the rise of all kinds of digital marketing. 

Learning is a continuing process but the key how to get the most out of learning for your future is to know what field you need to educate yourself with.

See you in the next article. 

Vic Gonzales III
Vic Gonzales III
Vicente F. Gonzales III is a professional SEO specialist and a digital marketer. He also happens to be an accomplished content writer, website designer and digital strategist. Vicente's clients love him for his unwavering dedication to their success, as well as his witty, intelligent demeanor. When he's not helping businesses achieve their online marketing goals, Vicente can be found reading up on the latest SEO trends or spending time with his wife and two sons.



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